giving tuesday
Dec 03 2019


Giving feels good. That’s one of the reasons we love Christmas. Even little kids who can’t wait to see what they GET for Christmas love to GIVE their mom and dad a special gift grandma helped them buy. You love giving because you are like God.


You were created in the image of a generous God. He gave us everything for our enjoyment. From the opening chapters of the Bible, we see God creating beautiful and hospitable environments for his creatures. Then he gives us everything we need. Jesus revealed God as a Father who loves giving good gifts to his children. In fact, Jesus was God’s ultimate gift to us. The most famous verse in the Bible says God loved the world so much that he GAVE.


Giving Tuesday


As we near the end of the year, every non profit organization is depending on the gifts of generous people. The church is no exception. We plan our year knowing that December will make up for the shortfall of the lean months. Normally, we our offerings are twice as much in December as the rest of the year. This year we are praying for three times as much so we can use that extra income to finish paying for our building and pay down the construction loan.  Will you help us?


I know it seems like a stretch, but the generous God who owns everything and made us in his image can give us the courage to step out in faith. Give your best gift today.


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