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Oct 16 2017


When you think of living like Jesus, what comes to mind? Is it teaching, traveling, healing, casting out demons, pushing buttons of religious people, or praying?  Of course Jesus did all of these things.  But more than anything else,  Jesus spent his time eating with people.


Eating was his missionary strategy.

How else did he get a reputation as a glutton and a drunkard? Of course he wasn’t either of those things, but to outsiders it seemed like all he ever did! He did miracles to catch food, multiply food and turn water into wine.  The symbols of his body and blood were given in the context of a feast around bread and wine.  He ate with Pharisees, tax collectors, prostitutes, families, terrorists, fishermen, rich and poor.  In fact, even his view of the coming kingdom in all its fullness is a feast!


Who are you eating with these days?

If we are going to follow Jesus, we ought order our life more around meals.  If you eat alone, why not invite someone to join you? You know eating on the run isn’t healthy, but what will it take for you to slow down and linger over meals with the people you love? How could you reorder your priorities to invite your neighbors to dinner? What would eating missionally look like for you? Of all the things Jesus did, this is one of the easiest to apply to your life today.  What’s stopping you?


Invite someone to a meal today.  Or come to one of our city table dinners near you.

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