where is your faith?
Aug 26 2020


Where is your faith?  It’s a good question. Why don’t you sit with it a minute? Jesus asked it. How would you answer?


Right here, under my seat! Or maybe I left it with my car keys. Obviously, the question is not about where you left it, but who or what it is in. Faith is not a thing you carry around and might misplace. It is trust. The question is this: Where have you placed your trust?


The original context of Jesus’ question is important. We will talk more about it Sunday as we gather together again outside and online at 9 AM. But for now, would you sit with this question? Truly, let Jesus ask it directly to your heart. Then ponder it there.


Where you place your trust matters a lot to your mental health. Place it in something that changes all the time and you will be stressed out. Put it in someone not worthy of it and you are sure to be disappointed.


If your faith is in the markets, you will be vulnerable to their ups and downs. Faith in politicians will at least give you a headache if not a heart attack. Even trusting your own eyes can lead you astray when selected soundbites and video clips show only part of a story.


Who can you trust? Where should you put your faith?


Well obviously, the answer is Jesus. But how do you do that? What would it look like if you did? How would it change the way you relate to your bank accounts, newsfeed and political parties?


Where is your faith? How can you tell?


P.S. If you missed my rhyme and stage fall last week, you can watch it HERE

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