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Oct 03 2019


Borrowing from Robert McKee, Donald Miller defines a story as “a character who wants something and overcomes conflict to get it.” Sit with that definition for a while and it will bring into focus every story you have ever heard, told, read, watched or dreamed.


The stories we tell are how we make sense of our lives.  Who are we?  What do we want? What are we willing to push through to get it?


Story is also how we relate to others. Who are these people?  What do they want? Who are they to me? Telling and listening to each other’s stories is how we connect.


How we answer these questions also shapes our view of God.  Who is God?  What does God want?  What is God willing to do to get it?  Will God get what he wants in the end of the story?


What stories are you telling yourself about God? About others? About yourself?

What bigger story are you living in?  Is it worthy of your life?

What if you could learn to read your past and write your future with God?


Next weekend we are going up to Forest Home for Man Camp to hear and tell stories together in community. We will help each other re-interpret our past and see where God has been at work writing a plot-line we may have missed. Then we will help each other write a better ending to the rest of our story. SIGN UP HERE.

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