tomorrow matters
Jun 12 2018


“Don’t worry about tomorrow. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matt. 6:34


When Jesus says not to worry about tomorrow, he’s talking about trusting God, not being irresponsible. There is a difference between worry and planning. Esau traded his inheritance for a bowl of stew. That was poor planning. Joseph’s wisdom made him recommend saving extra during the good years because he knew lean years were coming. Jesus advocated being prepared as well. In Matthew 25, Jesus tells two stories about just this idea.


Stupid Girls


Half the bridesmaids forget to charge their iPhones the night before the wedding while they are snap-chatting their friends. When they are down to 2% battery, they want to post pictures from their more prepared friends’ phones. Their friends don’t have enough for both. So while the dumb girls go to charge their phones, they miss the wedding. Moral of the story: Plan ahead.


Bonehead Broker


A rich guy diversifies his investments among three brokers. The first has the bulk of the cash. He invests in real estate and brings a nice return for the boss. The boss is happy and promotes him. The next broker has less but also does well. He plays the stock market and brings a decent return. Again, the pleased boss entrusts him with more. The third guy is afraid of the volatility of the market, so he puts the little money  the boss gave him to invest in his safe. He returns it to the boss with no loss and no gain because he took no risk. The boss is ticked about this bonehead approach based in fear and laziness. So he gives that money to the better broker and fires the bonehead.


Tomorrow Matters


Today builds on yesterday and tomorrow on today. In the stewardship of your life, you are entrusted with time, talent and treasure. Don’t worry about tomorrow, but invest today in creating it.

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