come back on Easter
Mar 17 2021


Everyone loves a comeback. It’s why we watch when our team is down.  We believe they can come back to win.


The darkest night ends at sunrise. Spring comes back to defeat winter every time.


Green is breaking through on the hills right now. Wildflowers are starting to bloom. Birds are singing. Though it is a bit chilly, the days are longer and the hills are alive. Spring is coming back.


So are restaurants and movie theaters.  Disneyland is ready to reopen. Sporting events are back on. The long pandemic winter is ending. Hibernating season is over. People are coming out.


After being dead and buried for days, Jesus came back to life one Sunday morning almost two thousand years ago. Spring has been telling us this story all along. Your favorite movies are based on it. You love the drama of sports for the same reason. Life wins. Death is not the end. Hope is not unreasonable.


Time To Come Back


I can’t think of a better time to come back to church. Whether you’ve been in quarantine mode watching from home or you gave up on church altogether, it’s time to make a comeback! Our outdoor service (10:45 AM Sundays) is a great place to start if you aren’t ready to worship inside yet (8:45 AM Sundays). Either way, we want you here.


Easter and Good Friday


For Easter (April 4) we are celebrating the greatest comeback ever. Our outdoor service will be at 8 am as we watch the sun rise over the green hills. We will livestream our two indoor services at 9:15 AM and 11:15 AM.


On Good Friday (April 2) we will contemplate the beauty of a God who loved us enough to join us in death before bringing us back to life. The 7 PM service will be preceded by an art exhibit at 6 PM.


It’s time. Come back.




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