great comeback
Feb 24 2021


We opened our new church home two years ago on Easter to packed crowds. Last year we shot a video in the parking lot with no crowds but more viewers then we would have had in person. This year we are primed for a comeback.


The resurrection of Jesus is the greatest comeback in history. It was God’s decisive verdict that life wins over death, love wins over fear, and mercy triumphs over judgement. What better time is there to prove that the gates of hell can’t triumph over Christ’s Church?


It’s time for our comeback.


Some have come back in person. Others are faithfully attending online. A few have moved on or moved away. Many of us have simply settled into new habits and routines. You must decide to make a comeback.


Come back now.


We currently have an outdoor service at 10:45 AM. This service is a safe way for people who have been on the more cautious end of the spectrum to reengage with the church family. Please come. You can tailgate, bring your own chairs, or use our chairs that are set up to allow over ten feet of space in the open air.


Our indoor service, broadcast live at 8:45 AM, will be gradually expanding in capacity in step with CDC guidelines. Plenty of filtered ventilation with a high ceiling and amply spaced and disinfected seating have made this a safe environment for the 100 or so people who have been attending since October when we moved inside.


Children’s ministry needs volunteers. We have a great team for the 8:45 service, but we need more as we safely expand our capacity. Adding classes at the 10:45 AM service is our next step. Will you help us?


Come back for Holy Week


We will have one service on Good Friday (4/2) at 7 PM, with an art exhibit that opens at 6 PM celebrating the beauty of how God brings life out of death. Artists of all ages and mediums are invited to submit your work. Contact for more info.


For “Comeback Sunday” (a.k.a. Easter – 4/4) we will have one fully outdoor service looking toward the rising sun over the hills at 8 AM, followed by two indoor services at 9:15 and 11:15 AM. These services will be limited to 50% capacity and overflow seating will be available on the patio and in the lobby. The indoor services will be broadcast live on YouTube as will the Good Friday service.


Come back together


There has never been a better time to invite someone to church. People are tired of being disconnected. They need hope. Everyone needs to know the God Jesus reveals. More than we know, our friends and neighbors are ready. The fields are ripe for harvest. Would you invite someone?


Please come back. Ask a friend to come with you. We are better together.


With faith, hope and love,

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