Oct 01 2021


This week I heard from one young mother that MOPS has been a lifeline to her. Another mentioned how Summit is the best part of her autistic daughter’s week. Someone else felt the relationship series was mind blowing. Several told me they have made friends and learned skills through the Keep Your Love On class.


One woman told me about how another friend reaching out to her during the pandemic has helped her feel connected even while isolated. Another told me how serving at “feed the need” on Sundays has blessed her more than the people she serves. Today, men will step out of their comfort zones to spend time growing together at Man Camp.


Kim, our children’s director is excited to be able to fully open our kids ministry in the 10:45 AM service this week because of the sixteen new volunteers who have stepped up to help. A few have also joined our youth ministry to invest in the lives of young people. Several of our youth have been serving and learning production skills. A new internship program is forming.


So much good is happening. You don’t always see it or hear about it. Sometimes you have to look for it. But God is working. Neighbors are being reached and getting connected. People are growing. Christians are being developed and deployed into ministry in the church and community in ways that matter.


Thank you for being part of God’s work in and through Mountain View.

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