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Apr 11 2018


The abundant life Jesus promised is available to you. Most of us have experienced it in beautiful and unexpected moments. We just aren’t sure how to keep them coming! Many of the people in our church family tapped into it on Sunday when we packed meals together for hungry refugees in Africa. I can’t count the number of people who asked if we could do this more often. (Check out more pictures here.) What they are longing for is the abundant life.


God’s will for your life

You were created in the image of a generous God who exists forever in a relationship of love between Father, Son and Holy Spirit. There was no lack that compelled God to open up the circle of the Trinity to created beings like us.  It was out of sheer loving generosity that God chose to share the party of eternal life with us. The more you bear the family resemblance, the more alive you will feel. It’s that simple.


The enemy of abundance

Right before Jesus stated his life mission in John 10:10 as “I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly” he said, “the thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy.” There is a thief constantly working to steal your abundance, kill your life and destroy the image of God in you. If you don’t realize you are being targeted, you will always feel like the life you were promised is out of your reach.


Reorder your life

The abundant life you always wanted but only occasionally experience is available to you. It can be your experience more often than not. You can live in joy and fulfillment and the abundant outflow of LIFE Jesus promised! But you need to wake up to the thief that keeps stealing it from you and stop letting it happen!  Then you will need to reorder your life around four core values that Jesus taught and lived. I have been learning to do this and it has been changing my life. It’s not perfect, but it is abundant!  I’ll teach you how to do it (or rather, “be” it) for the next four weeks at Mountain View.



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