take church home
Apr 01 2020


The doors are closed but the church is open.


A year ago this week we opened the doors of our church building in San Juan Capistrano. After twenty-two years of wandering from place to place, we finally established a home. Now it sits empty. The church has gone home but we are still the church.


Being mobile for over twenty years taught us that the church isn’t a place we go. It’s who we are. We are the body of Christ. Together, we embody him in our cities. Each of our homes is an embassy of the kingdom of God. 


We give our stakeholders at Mountain View Church a literal stake to plant in the dirt at home, laying claim to that ground for the kingdom of God. Stakeholders promise to embody our shared values in their home and in their neighborhoods. Now that is more important than ever!


Take our church values home


Cultivate authenticity. Don’t ignore your own emotions, limitations and needs. Be kind to others and to yourself. Take care of your physical, mental, emotional and relational health. You are most helpful to others when you are healthy yourself.


Prioritize intimacy. Jesus got up early to be with his Father. He said he only did what he saw the Father doing. You need intimate connection with God if you are going to have the wisdom, courage and strength to help anyone else. We all need you to be full of the Spirit and wisdom.


Practice love. Do small acts of kindness for your family. Check in on the people you care about. Ask your neighbors if they need anything. Practice physical distance and social connection. Order takeout from local restaurants to keep them in business. Give.


Promote restoration. People need hope more than ever. Share good news. Pray with us on Thursday night at 8. Invite friends and family to watch on Sunday. Remind each other that the light of Easter always comes after the darkness of Good Friday and long silence of holy Saturday. This year it will be even more meaningful given our situation.


We will give you the tools and continue to equip the saints for the work of ministry. But the work is still in your hands. Be the church at home. You’ve got this!


In Christ,


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