Feb 01 2022


I wrote Sustainable Spirituality because too many people are dependent on fast food faith that is more hype than hope. They go to conferences, podcasts, churches and books to get something they could be cultivating in their own lives. Real transformation is not acquired somewhere “out there”. It is cultivated from the inside out.


Sustainability has been described as giving more than you take. What if your life was characterized by God’s abundant and continual blessing overflowing from you into the lives of others? Would you believe this is possible? It is. Starting next week (2/9) I will be teaching an eight week course Wednesdays at 7 PM at the church based on the book. Whether you read it already or not, this would be a great investment in your own spiritual life.


I believe this message is so needed in our world, that I am giving away the electronic version. Email me if you want a free PDF copy of the book. It is also available in paperback and audiobook on Amazon and Audible. We have paperback copies for $5 at the church.


If you have already read it, would you please take a moment and write a review? Hundreds of people from our church have read the book and taken the course, but very few have taken the time to write a review. Reviews help other people find the book and raise it’s value in the rankings. Thank you for your help. // Todd.

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