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Feb 11 2021


Up, up, up. Real estate, stocks, bitcoin. All the markets seem to be going up. Investors are benefiting from the somewhat volatile but exciting ride and wondering when to jump off the train before a crash or at least a correction.


Jesus tells a story in Luke 12 about a guy who loses it all overnight. Then he says, don’t worry. Huh? How does the possibility of great loss help to eliminate worry?


Fortunately, he tells us how to secure our investments from loss and our hearts from worry.


Convert your assets to heavenly currency. Jesus tells us very specifically how to “store up treasure in heaven” where it can’t be lost and to become “rich toward God”. Sell your stuff and give the money to the poor. (Luke 12:33) This one act of trust in God can transform your heart.


Trust the generous heart of the Father and cultivate it in yourself by giving to the poor.


God generously provides for his creation. He is not stingy. The more we reflect on God’s generous provision, the more we will trust him to continue to provide our daily bread. If the God who covers the hills with wildflowers and birds is my Father, I don’t need to worry about tomorrow. I can live carefree because he cares for me.


But he doesn’t just care for me. He cares for all his kids. As one of his blessed ones, I get to be a channel of his generosity to others in need. If I am secure in his care, he calls me to share. When I seek his kingdom, his generous reign on earth as it is in heaven, he takes care of my needs. When I give my money to the poor, God takes it personally.


Generosity is the heart of God. If you really know the God Jesus called Father, you will be care free in his care, and more than willing to share. Who is he calling you to share with today? What assets can you convert into heavenly currency? How can you begin systematically moving your investments to a more secure location while you can? – TR


P.S. If you don’t know where to give to help people in need, our Generosity Fund is a great place to start.

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