Quit Wasting Wine
Jan 13 2021


“You don’t use old containers to store new wine. As the wine ferments it expands and it will break a brittle container. You need a flexible new container to expand with the new wine. Otherwise the wine will be lost.” Luke 5:37 TRPV (Todd Rodarmel Paraphrase version) 


God wants to give you new wine – a new revelation of himself. You are going to need a new wine skin. Your old beliefs, ideas, concepts, and ways of living can’t contain the new thing God wants to do in you and through you. You need a new container for your faith.


Reinterpret everything in light of Jesus


Every time I think I understand God, I look again and see more I missed. God doesn’t change, but my perception of him changes constantly. He didn’t just decide to get generous with Jesus. Or after Jesus. But Jesus is the perfect revelation of what God is like.


All of us have listened to lies the accuser has told us about God. He doesn’t care. God is a kill joy. He is waiting to condemn you. God hates X. Jesus set the record straight. But some look at Jesus and only see what they expect to see already. What if you read the story of Jesus without your assumptions? How about letting his new wine expand new wine skins in your mind?


The Generosity of God


God is too generous for most people. He breaks out of all the boxes we try to put him in. What we need are flexible containers. I’ve been trying this one on for several years now. I think the idea of “The Generosity of God” is a flexible container for your faith. Jesus is the generosity of God incarnate.


Look at what he does. He multiplies food and wine. This man heals everyone who asks him. He sets free the oppressed and heals the afflicted. Jesus teaches us and shows us what the Father is like. He is the spitting image. You will misunderstand him every time if you try to fit him into any religious system.


Quit wasting wine


Don’t take pieces of Jesus to patch up your old time religion. Reinterpret everything in light of him. He is the perfect revelation of what God is like. Religious people of his day didn’t see the Generosity of God.  They saw what they expected to see. And the opportunity was wasted.


Please read the story of Jesus and be open to the ways he wants to change your mind about God. If your experience doesn’t fit your view of God – consider a new view. Consider Jesus as the perfect revelation of God. You can’t contain the new revelation if you have old ways of seeing.  It will cause a blow out in your faith.


Read along with us using our reading plan and our YouTube reading reflections.


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