Only Jesus
Dec 30 2020


What can make us whole again? Only Jesus.


Whole? Is it really possible? We are shattered. Individuals, marriages, families, churches, our nation and our world are broken. Can Jesus really put this Humpty Dumpty creation back together again? Even where all the kings horses and men have failed?


Can he restore us?


Yes. He is the only one who can. Call it the Restoration of all things or the Kingdom of God. Think of it as his mission: On Earth as it is in Heaven. We can pray for it and hope for it. All of us long for new creation and some of us are working toward it. But the actual restoration is Jesus’ life work.


The Gospel according to Luke tells how Jesus began this work, and trained others to carry it on. Everywhere Jesus goes broken bodies, spirits, souls, relationships and minds are restored to wholeness. He says some things that are hard to understand and others that take our breath away. But it’s all about Jesus. And only Jesus is God’s restoration plan.


Will you join us?


Let’s read this gospel account together from now until Easter. There is a link below to a reading schedule. Get it. Save it. Follow it. Read along with us and join us each Sunday in person or online as we see how Only Jesus can put us back together again.



Ask someone to be your reading partner. Share insights with each other or with all of us online. Be sure to tag @mvclife if you do. And make sure you subscribe on YouTube so you can get more insights from our staff, overseers and other leaders as they read with you. We will be sharing them along the way.

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