sheep without a shepherd
Apr 14 2021


The virus finally got my body. After a year of avoiding infection, those sneaky little spike proteins invaded my cells right before Easter. Though my fever has been gone for almost a week, I am still trying to regain my strength. I feel wiped out.


But as hard as COVID has been on my body, the pandemic itself has been harder on the body of Christ. We have been scattered, divided, distracted, disoriented, torn down and beat up. God’s people are hurting. They are, in Jesus’ language, “harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd”. (Matt. 9:36)


Without a shepherd, sheep are easy prey. They need someone to take care of them. A shepherd can carry the injured, feed those too weak to feed themselves, rescue the strays, and protect the flock. Jesus is the good shepherd we need, but he can’t do it alone.


My job title of “pastor” is a metaphor. It means shepherd. I feel Jesus’ compassion for lost and hurting sheep. But I can’t do it alone either. Thank God we have good staff and overseers. But they are not enough. There are just too many lost and hurting sheep being slaughtered all over the hills. We need more help.


That’s why Jesus changed the metaphor in the next verse (Matthew 9:37). Harvest time. Lots of work to do. Not enough workers. Like scattered sheep are vulnerable to predators, ripe fruit left on the vine at harvest time will soon be lost. It’s an emergency. The time to act is now!


So Jesus tells the disciples to ask God for more workers. Then he appoints them to be the answer to their own prayers. Ask for workers. Now get to work!


Here are three specific workers we are asking for right now: 

  1. We need adults who will shepherd our children on Sunday mornings in either service.
  2. We need adults who will shepherd our youth during the week and invest in their lives.
  3. We need hosts who will gather sheep into small groups from now through mid-June.


We are in one of those crunch times where you need to pray AND be the answer to your own prayer. Jesus needs our help. I need your help. Will you pray? Will you help? Click the links above to say yes or email

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