June 5th | Prayer and Presence Week 6 | Mountain View Church

June 5th | Prayer and Presence Week 6 | Mountain View Church


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Pillars of cloud and fire must have been a welcome sight for Israel during her forty years of wandering in the wilderness. Each served not only as a visible reminder of God’s presence, but also a compass, showing them exactly which direction to go and at what pace to move. Must have been nice, right? (Okay sure, it was a desert wilderness, certainly no picnic … but at least the people knew each day what the next day would bring in terms of where they should go! And, even more importantly, they were assured of the fact that it was God himself who was leading them.)
Our own “exiles and wildernesses” are rarely about literal wanderings (we have motorhomes for that) yet they are still very real and can be quite severe: I don’t know what’s happening to my family … I just lost my job, now what? … or, in our church’s case, So much is changing and unknown – what will MVC be like a year or two from now?
Here’s a fact – a biblical fact: all those questions we ask during our exiles and wanderings are actually various “lunges” toward – or graspings at – the presence of God. And, short of having a “pillar of cloud by day” and a “pillar of fire by night” to reassure us that God is with us during these nebulous seasons of life, his presence is discovered and experienced through the asking of important questions.

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