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Nov 06 2020


I had hoped COVID would be over the day after the election like many people had told me. Everyone hoped their guy would win in a landslide. We have all been setting our hopes on the end of this year as if the calendar is going to make January magically different. Even the hope of the election being over keeps getting deferred. So what now?


Get your hopes up


“Hope deferred, makes a heart sick.” We all feel that, don’t we? Pushing the date out further, waiting for it to be over, hoping things will get back to normal soon. Most of us feel that heart sickness one way or another.


“A longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” We need some wins to nourish the soul. If we are longing for a vaccine, it might be a while. Only half of us will be celebrating after all the votes are counted. If your hope is in the outcomes, you are always on shaky ground. We need to set our hopes on a sure thing. There are only three ways I know of to do that:


  1. Set your hopes on a short term goal that is in your control. (like taking a walk, seeing friends, etc.)
  2. Focus on gratitude for each fulfilled longing. (like food, sleep, conversation, etc.)
  3. Raise your hope to the long term sure thing. (like the promise of resurrection and restoration at Jesus’ return.)


Join us Sunday as we refocus our hope on the one sure thing. – Todd




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