do you see her?
Sep 02 2020


It was a simple question Jesus asked his host. “Do you see this woman?” (Luke 7:44)


Simon wasn’t blind, but he didn’t see the woman. Not really. He let what he thought he knew about her get in the way of truly seeing her. Textbook prejudice.


The religious man knew she was a “sinner” so he categorized her rather than seeing her. Objectifying her (whether morally or sexually) kept this man from seeing her humanity, her pain and what God was doing in her life.


Jesus, on the other hand, saw her. He knew there was more to her tears than the sorrow of today. Her grateful response told of a back-story worth searching out. His curiosity let him see beyond labels. The Son of God saw through to her heart. Like his Father, he sees below the surface, while others look at the exterior. (1 Samuel 16:7)


Simon the Pharisee didn’t see Jesus either. Yes, he saw the man in front of him, but he didn’t realize who was in his house. More conscious of evaluating Jesus than getting to know him, he missed the miracle that God was at his table! How many of us miss God while looking for answers or assuming we know?


What keeps you from seeing people? How can you see better? Who are you missing in your neighborhood or even your own home because of labeling or objectifying? Do you see them?


Join us Sunday as we learn from Jesus how to ask Better Questions. It’s gonna be a warm one, so bring some water, sunscreen and shade. Or you can join us online at 9 am. Either way, I hope you choose to join us. – Todd

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