cultivating sustainable spirituality
Sep 12 2019


Cultivating spiritually doesn’t happen overnight. People grow and change over time. That’s why Jesus told so many stories that revolved around farming. Farming is a slow, organic process.


The farmer sows the seed like God speaks to us. Just as the condition of the soil determines the effect of the farmer’s sown seed, the condition and receptivity of our hearts determines how we respond to what God says to us.


The Kingdom of God begins like mustard seed, initially small and undetected. Yet, as it takes root, it grows and flourishes, spreading until it takes over the whole earth.


A good tree bears good fruit; an unhealthy tree produces bad fruit or no fruit at all. The way to produce good fruit is cultivating and sustaining a healthy tree. That is true in our spiritual lives as well. Jesus is the vine; we are the branches. If we stay connected to him and his life flows through us, we will bear good fruit as well.


Over and over Jesus is telling us that our spiritual lives work naturally according to principles of God’s Spirit.


It is a process that starts with God’s Spirit transforming us from the inside out and then having us move out into the world. It doesn’t work if you skip steps or work from the outside in. Just like the glass needs to be filled before an overflow can happen, we need to be filled with God’s Spirit first before we can bless others as He intended.


So how does that work practically? It starts with an honest look at yourself that leads to a genuine pursuit of intimacy with God. Then, as you love the people around you with his love,  it eventually leads to the restoration of all things.


Join us Sunday to start cultivating the kind of life you always wanted.


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