compound effect
Jun 20 2018


Last week I read a book called “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. At it’s most fundamental level, the book is about the small things done consistently over time that add up to way more than the sum of their parts. Eating well or poorly adds up over time to make or break your health. Interest compounds either for you or against you over time. Small choices to change behaviors create habits. Habits over time create your destiny.  That’s the basic idea of the book. It’s good, solid advice.  It also has powerful implications for our campaign to raise 2.6 million dollars to renovate the ranch as our church home.


More Time Matters


I was talking to a friend from our extended church family who helps churches build out and finance their buildings. He said that a typical campaign can raise twice the annual budget over and above the normal giving through pledges over a three year campaign.  I realized that we were trying to raise that amount over a few months!  We are actually doing well to have raised our annual budget (1.3 million) over just a few months!! It is actually within our grasp to complete the funding and get this building built out if we can just extend our commitments. Adding two years gives us time to see the magic of the compound effect.


Every Person Matters


Adding two years also gives us time to get everyone involved. The majority of our stakeholders have given gifts or pledges to our “Imagine campaign”. Even many who attend Mountain View but have not made a formal commitment have pitched in to help! Our goal is 100% participation. Whether people give a lot or a little is not as important as the fact that every person has ownership in this dream. A small pledge given consistently can make a big difference.  A lot of small pledges given consistently by every person connected to our church can make a HUGE difference!


Extended Family Matters


Our extended family of our denomination is going to help us. They will provide a short term loan so we can build out now and start operating our church in our new home.  But since we don’t have collateral and since they don’t want us getting in over our heads, we need the pledges to back it up. Every dollar you pledge to give by the end of 2020 will be advanced by our denomination so we can finish what we started!


Urgent Timing Matters


The contractors are ready to start construction July 16th, but we need to have the money committed before we start. Our team is meeting with the representatives from the denomination on July 10th to secure the funding. We need every one of you to make a pledge NOW for what you can give by the end of 2020. I know some of you have already given substantially.  Thank you! Even if you can’t give any more this year, would your write a pledge for what you will give in the next two years toward this campaign? Others of you have made pledges until September or the end of the year. Would you please extend them for two more years? We can do this and we can do it now if we have everyone’s help. Every bit helps, especially when it is given consistently over time by a lot of people. The compound effect is real.





Thank you!





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