Nov 12 2020


Resilience is the ability to bounce back. Think of a rubber band. It should stretch without breaking. But if you keep it stretched all the time, it loses its resilience. It no longer bounces back.


We have all be stretched this year. Many of us to the breaking point. One key to staying resilient is coming back to a resting state. In other words, take a break before you break. (While you still have some elasticity left!)


Breaks you may want to take:


  1. Take a break from the news and go outside.
  2. Take a break from complaining and cultivate gratitude.
  3. Take a break from social media and have a real conversation.
  4. Take a break from working from home and come back to church.


Your Resilience Matters To Others


We know we should love our neighbor as ourself. But you can’t give your neighbor what you don’t have. You can’t help your kids build resilience if you are overstretched yourself. Be kind to yourself. Take a break. Give yourself some slack. You will be better for it.


Bounce Back on Sundays


If you have gotten out of the Sunday habit, now is a great time re-establish a life-giving routine. We now have indoor, outdoor and online options for every comfort level. We are Inside, Outside and Online at 8:45 AM and Inside only at 10:45 AM. Kids ministry is available at 8:45 AM only for now. 


We take your health and safety seriously: Disinfection before and after services, increased ventilation and air filtering, touchless bulletins and doors, weekly health screening for kids teachers, greeters wearing masks, outdoor viewing options, limited capacity and distanced seating indoors. We also ask you to help us: wash your hands, give each other extra space and when that is not possible, wear a mask. Please join us online if you think you may be ill or at risk. We can help each other build resilience and bounce back from this crazy covid crapstorm of a year. 

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