boxing day
Dec 26 2019


Happy Boxing Day! I hope you had a great Christmas and that you are milking boxing day for all it’s worth. It feels good to stop and rest in the space between holidays.


As we close in on year end, I want to pass on a tip that was given to me by my CPA. This may be a good option for some of you.


Give more now and save more later by donating appreciated stock.


It’s been a record year for the stock market and a great way to be able to help your favorite charities (like our church!) is to donate appreciated stock instead of cash. You get the deduction at the appreciated amount and you don’t have to pay tax on the gains. This allows you to give more now even if you are short on cash.


Personally, Traci and I were able to finish our building pledge and pre-pay our tithes for next year by donating stock. That way we maximized our deductions for 2019 while helping the church pay down the building debt sooner to save interest.


Many of you probably know this stuff already, but I just found out a couple years ago and it’s helped me give more to God and get more back from the IRS. I’m telling you this because I believe in the ministry of our church and I know that many of you do too. Your desire is to give generously and this is a great way to do it, especially if you haven’t completed your building pledge yet. It feels great to finish!


If you would like to donate stock, email Cheryl Klem for instructions. Cheryl@mvc.life 

If you would like to give online CLICK HERE.

If you would like to mail a check, you can date it by the 31st and mail it to
Mountain View Church
32382 Del Obispo Street Suite B3
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Either way, have a great rest and I’ll see you Sunday for the last week at our 9 and 11:15 times before we move to 8:45 and 10:45 in the new year!


Happy Boxing Day!- Todd


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