us versus them
Jun 11 2020


We live in an us versus them culture constantly forcing you to choose sides. 


Black or white, left or right, mask or not, for or against, this polarization helps drive ad revenue through clicks but it prevents us from listening to each other and making any progress in the important issues that face us all.


Don’t buy the lie that says there are only two ways to see things. There is a third option. 


The Third Option


Miles McPherson wrote a book called “The Third Option: hope for a racially divided nation”.  In this book he elevates the conversation beyond divisive us verses them thinking by teaching us how we can honor one another and our differences. 


We can come together around the things that unite us. This doesn’t mean ignoring our differences. It does mean we can honor people while we debate ideas. This applies not just to race conversations but to every human relationship. We need this message in this moment. I would encourage you to get the book right now.


I have been trying to do this, however imperfectly. If anything I have said has deepened the divide for you, it was not my intention.  I’m truly sorry. But as Miles teaches in his book, the gap between your intention and your impact is your blind spot. My journey is a lot about seeing my blind spots, repenting, and trying again. Thanks for staying in it with me as we grow together.


Watch Miles teach on blind spots HERE and then help us eliminate some regarding moving forward together after this season of quarentine by filling out this survey HERE. Then join us Sunday as we talk more about the third option.

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