August 28th | Teachability | Live Sunday Service | Mountain View Church

August 28th | Teachability | Live Sunday Service | Mountain View Church


There was a film released in 2013 about a group of terrorists who, motivated by resentment and a sense of being devalued, execute a successful incursion of the White House, sending the President into hiding and doing serious damage along the way.

There’s a parallel to be seen here between the film’s destruction of “the nation’s house” and the Christian faith many parts of the nation are currently experiencing. It appears that a form of philosophical terrorism has launched an unfortunately “successful incursion” into Christianity—one that threatens to send the faithful into hiding and cause serious damage to the household Jesus is building.

The primary weaponry of this attack: (1) A hard-lined assertion that arrival at biblical truth is held only by one’s doctrinal tribe, (2) the devaluing of nuance, and (3) an arrogant assumption that any consideration of another Believer’s perspectives should be seen as weakness, indecisiveness, and even doctrinal compromise.

Put simply, the American Church’s growing disdain for civil theological discourse among a diverse family of Christians may be undermining the Global vision that Jesus had. The Evangelical Church is becoming increasingly rigid and unteachable.

No, unlike the White House in the movie, Jesus will never fall. But he deserves to have his heart accurately represented by his children. This Sunday, we will attempt to address the question: What is teachability? And is the practice of it actually essential to the exciting yet demanding task of following Jesus into the future he dreams of for MVC?

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