August 21st Message | Courage | Live Sunday Service | Mountain View Church

August 21st Message | Courage | Live Sunday Service | Mountain View Church


When I was a kid, I had chores. It was my responsibility to take out the garbage (and wash out the trash can before I brought it back into the kitchen); mow the lawn (and, of course, rinse off the mower before I parked it in the garage); and pull the weeds in the yard (nothing to clean there except my muddy hands). I didn’t like doing chores, but I thought I had a better deal than my sister—who had to cook and wash all the dishes each night—so I didn’t complain. However, there was one particular duty I used to forget pretty regularly. I often found that it would be after dark before I remembered to feed our five hunting dogs. Since the kennel was tucked way back in the corner of our large yard, and since I was profoundly afraid of the dark, those poor dogs went without their daily feeding more often than I would like to admit. Unfortunately, my dad never forgot to ask, “Art, did you feed the dogs today?” And I’m sorry to say that fear trumped ethic too many evenings. Back in those days, when my fear was the loudest voice in my decision making, the dogs went hungry. I still have fears as a 68-year-old man. Though now I often experience those fears not as opportunities for failure but as the catalysts of something I’ve always admired in a person. Interested in hearing more? Read I Samuel 17

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