Coronavirus Response


For now we will be moving our Sunday church services online. Rather than coming to our physical address.

Join us LIVE on our YouTube channel at 8:45 am or watch the replay at 10:45 am.

Last Updated: April 5, 2020.

What Does Love Look Like 

In A Pandemic?

What Does Love Look Like in a Pandemic?

Now that the World Health Organization has declared the COVID-19 coronavirus a pandemic, and the governor has asked us to suspend large gatherings for the next few weeks, the question we have been asking ourselves is “What does love look like in a pandemic?”.

1. Love looks like prevention.

We told you last week about measures we have been taking at Mountain View to prevent the spread of disease in general. There is great information about how to do that on government websites that is much better than following news outlets (See links below). Loving your neighbor means using good health practices and sharing good information.


2. Love looks like prioritizing the most vulnerable.

It’s not about fear of not getting, it’s about not spreading it. While the threat is still low in our area and the coronavirus may not actually hurt you or your kids if you get it, it could be life-threatening to the elderly or those with respiratory issues. Preventing the spread helps everyone, especially vulnerable populations. Jesus cares about the one lost sheep and he takes it personally how we treat the most vulnerable.

3. Love looks like personal sacrifice for the good of everyone.

Our actions now will make a difference in slowing the spread of the virus. By following the guidelines the government authorities have published regarding social distancing in public gatherings, we can make a difference. Jesus calls us to look out for the interests of others.


4. Love looks like reaching out and connecting with one another.

We may need to keep our distance physically, but we can still stay connected. Social media can spread fear but it can also spread faith, hope and love. Calling each other, checking in on one another, praying for one another and offering help to those who are sick are all things we can do as a church family. Use our church database, Facebook page and Instagram to stay connected. Talk to your small group about how you will meet and stay connected.

We Have A New Care Team

Email the care team if you need help or want to join us in helping others!


The Spiritual Formation Society of Arizona is hosting spiritual practices via zoom at 9am each day M-F for the weeks to come. Lectio Divina, Contemplative Prayer, etc. join by clicking this link on weekdays at 9am.


Guide to help church members pray through the Lord’s Prayer. Redemption Tempe is asking their church to use this to pray together at the same time each day and made one without their logo in case it’s helpful to other churches.


Mindful Mondays – Help, hope, and practical guidance from mental health professionals, spiritual directors, health professionals, and Christian coaches. Starting April 13th on Mountain View Church’s  YouTube Channel.


Combatting depression: Workbook full of practical interventions based on neuroscience


Breaking the negative news cycle


National Association of Mental Illness


Beyond Disaster – American Bible Society has developed this trauma informed free resource as spiritual first aid for those who have survived natural or human caused disasters.


Podcast with Disaster Psychologist Jamie Aten


YKI Coaching – Christian Coaching


March 26/27 sponsored by HDI (Humanitarian Disaster Institute and NAE)

MVC KIDS – Weekly videos, activities, and resources for families and kids.

7-day Jesus-centered Family Devotions


3 weeks of free charter school-approved curriculum


Tiny Theologians – They have incredible discipleship cards for kids that are 30% off right now!


Kids Read Truth – They have preteen Bible studies, art journals, and fun books!


Parent Cue App – Parent Cue helps connect you with practical things to read, do or say to help you engage with the heart of your child each week.


The Bible App for Kids (1st grade & under) – Best Kids App! Download for free! | Animated storybook app for smartphones and tablets | Android, iPhone, iPad, Android tablets


Scripture Coloring Pages 


Talking with Your Kids about Spiritual Warfare


Educationally Focused Kids at Home Toolkit

MVC Weekly Services and Small Groups for Teens.

Contact for High School and for Middle School

MVC HIGHLANDS Weekly Services and Groups for Young Adults.


So what about church on Sunday?
What does that look like?

You are the church. That doesn’t change. But how we meet will need to for the time being. Though no one at Mountain View has tested positive for the virus and the risk in our area is still low, we are moving our regular public gatherings online for now as a proactive act of love.

We will send out curriculum and activities you can do with your kids, and you can interact through our Facebook and Instagram platforms with others. It is actually a great opportunity to share your church experience with friends or family who don’t normally come.

Attend Sunday Services on YouTube at our regular times of 8:45 and 10:45 AM

What about other gatherings such as Small Groups, Highlands, Summit, MOPS, Worship Nights, etc?

As of now, all events and gatherings have been suspended until further notice. 

Check in with your small group leader for specific information regarding your group.

Highlands:  Monday night Zoom Call 

Youth groups: no gathering until further notice

BSF: Cancelled (they will be virtual for the reminder of this session and be back in the fall)

MVC Fit: Cancelled until further notice

MOPS: Remaining sessions have been cancelled, contact for more info or refunds

Spiritual Warfare Workshop: Postponed

Summit: Weekly Zoom Call

Al-Anon: No meetings,  celebrate recovery is offering virtual meetings in the meantime
Breathe: No meeting until further notice

Not Alone Monday Night Women’s Group: Postponed