you can practice social distancing
Mar 17 2020


The serenity prayer is one of my “go to” daily prayers:


“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”


We can’t change the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic. You are on lockdown or quarantine. The stock market is falling. Places we normally gather are closed. This is our current reality. Focusing on what we can’t change fuels anxiety. So accept reality and focus on what you can change.


Here are ten things you can change right now.


1. You can change your mindset

You can renew your mind with Scripture. Memorize Romans 8, Philippians 4, Psalm 23, Psalm 91, Psalm 46, Matthew 6. That would go a long way toward renewing your mind and increasing your faith. Listen, read, speak and write by hand at the same time to engage your whole brain. Use the YouVersion Bible app.


2. You can change the scenery 

Go outside and take a hike. Enjoy the beauty of creation. Cultivate gratitude and wonder at the beauty in the world. Yes, there is plenty you could worry about, but take a break and get outside.


3. You can share something helpful

More people watched our online service this week than ever before. People are hungry for hope. Feed them. Share this blog, the youtube of the service, the Todd Rod God Pod or other things that encourage you. We have an opportunity to share the good news with people who need it!


4. You can pick up the phone

Call the people you love and check in on them. FaceTime an old friend. Text everyone in your contacts and ask them how you can pray for them. Use the time of social distancing to leverage more relational connection.


5. You can help someone in need

There are kids home from school, parents who need to go to work, at risk people who need someone to bring them groceries. Find ways to help. Email to find ways to help or if you need help. One of the best ways to stop worrying about your problems is to help someone else.


6. You can wash your hands again

This is still important. Wash with soap regularly. Often. Seriously. And quit touching your face


7. You can save lives by staying home

Social distancing is the best thing you can do to help stop the spread of the virus. If you still don’t understand this concept, you can check out these models that demonstrate why it matters. I know it seems counterintuitive to stay away from people you love, but please do it. The less you move in social circles the better.


8. You can pray and fast with me

Thousands of Christians are committing themselves to fast and pray for the end of the coronavirus for the next three days (March 18-20). Join me in fasting and praying from Wednesday to Friday. I will also be hosting a prayer meeting on Thursday night on our YouTube channel at 8 PM.


9. You can make a movie with your kids

If you are looking for something fun to do with your kids, use iMovie on your phone to make a movie. There are templates in there that will help you storyboard an idea. Trailers are easy. Start there and then make a film. If you don’t know how, your kids can teach you. My son Luke made this video by himself when he was eight years old and it has almost a million views.


10. You can give to help us reach more people

The church is working to continue operating without being able to meet physically. Our staff are connecting with kids and youth and mobilizing people for outreach. Teams are producing content for you to share. We are also giving away more of our generosity fund to help people in need. Your faithful and generous giving matters more than ever. We may not be able to change everything, but together we can do something.

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