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Oct 08 2020


This season has been brutal. Everyone is tired. Many are disillusioned. Lots are struggling. Some are giving up hope. Who do you know who needs to hear good news right now? Maybe it’s you.


You need to hear good news.


You may be one whose marriage is struggling. Too much togetherness can be, well, too much!

Working from home while homeschooling your kids may be threatening to push you over the edge.

Maybe you disillusioned with people and politics and even church right now.

Don’t give up. Come hear good news.


Even if you’ve heard it before and you know it all, you need a reminder. Faith comes by hearing. We all need to hear good news and sing it to God and each other. We need to remember who we are, who God is and what he has done for us. It is our lifeblood! And it may be the very lifeline you need right now.


Your friends need to hear good news too.


The good news isn’t just for those of us who already believe. There are many who have never heard.


Some of your neighbors think church is just about being good or politically conservative. Many see Christians as those who point out everything wrong with the world instead of those who point to Jesus as the good news. You know people that think like that.


I have a secret. Many of those people are searching right now. They are disillusioned. Sick of bad news, divisive politics, and the emptiness of trying to make life work on their own, your friends may be more open than you realize. If you invited them to church outside, they would probably come.


Right now we have a unique opportunity


Each week since our church started meeting outdoors in the parking lot, new people are coming and joining us. Many have told me they are pleasantly surprised. They are hearing the gospel. Some are coming to faith.


Meeting outside lowers the barrier for many people skeptical of church. They can “come and see” without having to go inside.


2020 has exposed the need. Meeting outside has lowered the barriers. We need to seize the opportunity.


Would you ask God who needs to hear the good news? Listen. Then invite them to join you. This unique season will not last forever. Let’s make the most of this opportunity. For God’s sake and for the sake of those who need some good news.

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