Jul 30 2019


What’s Wrong? Everyone knows the world is not as it should be. We all know right from wrong on some level, at least when someone else does wrong to us. But what is the source of the mess? How do we fix what’s wrong with our world?


The Bible diagnoses the problem and provides real solutions, but most people write them off because the words sound religious and archaic. This is unfortunate. We can gain great insight into human nature, the problems of our world, and their solutions if we will take the time to understand these concepts.


For the next three weeks, with the help of our friends at The Bible Project, we will look at the biblical words for “sin”, “transgression” and “iniquity” to discover what they have to teach us about what is wrong with our world and what God’s solution is to make it right again.


I have enjoyed a much needed break from preaching for the last few weeks and I am looking forward to being back to dig into the Scriptures with you on Sunday. If you want to do some advance homework, you can read the first seven chapters of the book of Romans this week. My friend Chuck Wysong already led you through Chapter 8! – Todd

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