one faith trust
Nov 05 2021


Jody mentioned in his amazing message last Sunday an almost offhanded comment that stuck with me. He said we need to move from having faith IN Jesus to having the faith OF Jesus. It was a perfect setup for what I want to talk about Sunday.


Many people have faith THAT. Usually it is faith THAT the Bible is true, THAT God is good, THAT Jesus is the Son of God. This kind of faith is based on content they believe to be true.  This is an important aspect of faith, but it’s not enough.


Others think of faith FOR. They have faith FOR healing or breakthrough or a miracle. This is more future oriented. It can be based on their faith THAT healing is available, miracles are possible, etc. Again, this is good, but not enough.


Faith IN Jesus is the only adequate basis I know of for faith THAT something is true or faith FOR some promised result. Jesus is faithful. It is his faithfulness that we can trust. And trust is the basis of our faith. Trust in a person, not just an idea or an outcome.


We trust IN Jesus, and the more we get to know him, the more his faith becomes ours. If you believed what Jesus believed and knew the Father the way Jesus knows the Father, your life would change dramatically. Faith IN Jesus ultimately can become the faith OF Jesus. And that is the ONE FAITH that really matters.

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