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Aug 28 2019


Sunday I had a new guy at church tell me he had been waiting to hear the message I preached his whole life. He said it was not overstating it to say it was the hope of the world. That was encouraging.


Monday I got an email from another new guy. He said that as his family discussed the message, “Ultimately we all agreed that we had no idea what you were teaching, only that it took a long time to get there.” That was not as encouraging, but it made me laugh out loud!


I have a hard time leaving stuff out and sometimes I bite off more than I can chew in a message. Often I get lost in context, history and backstory. Some people love it and others don’t connect.


This is why our worship team is so important. The work they do is more than a warm up for the message. Our musicians, singers, dancers, artists, photographers, and audio visual teams help us enter into worship with all our senses. The people who greet you, pray for you and serve you communion also become the physical presence of Christ to you.


We need to hear about God, but even more we need to experience God for ourselves. Singing of the goodness of God, telling the stories of what Jesus has done for us and expressing our gratitude are all part of the experience. Singing, giving, receiving, and even meeting and greeting each other are all ways to give ourselves to God.


“Taste and see the the LORD is good.” Psalm 34:8


This Sunday, our worship pastor Ryan Kirkland is going to share from his heart and the Bible about why and how we worship. More than just instruction, it will be an invitation. I hope you will join us.


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