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Dec 20 2017


Christmas is an opportunity for sharing the good news with people who wouldn’t normally give Jesus a second thought.  This holiday brings him front and center.  Everyone is more open at Christmas. That makes our job easier than any other time of year!  Just saying “Merry Christmas” announces his birth.  If you really want to take it a step farther, invite someone to Christmas Eve services!


This is the easiest time to invite someone to Church.  Cute little kids, familiar Christmas carols, lights and a semi-familiar story make it easier for people to feel comfortable even if they have never been to church.  You might be surprised how many people would come if they were invited. Sharing Christmas with people is a great way to make them feel included and cared for.  Here are five people you could invite to Christmas eve that you may have overlooked.


Five People You Could Be Sharing Christmas With


  1. Your Grandmother who lives in a nursing home and doesn’t get out much.  (So what if she has dementia and can’t understand everything.  The music and the feeling can still impact her.)
  2. Your atheist brother who rants about how stupid Christians are. (Maybe he hasn’t met the right Christians.  Either way, it will make for good discussion as you are sharing dinner.)
  3. Your muslim co-worker who is an immigrant. (She may be more curious about what we do and what Christmas is about than you imagined.  Don’t decide for her.  Ask!)
  4. Your Jewish neighbor whose kids play with your kids. (Hannukah is over.  They don’t have to convert. They may have never been invited. Let your kids invite their kids and you follow up.)
  5. Your single yoga instructor who is spiritual but not religious. (Many people feel lonely at Christmas.  An invitation from you may be the one thing that gets them through.)


We have the greatest news in the world to share.  God became one of us.  He wanted to know us and be know by us.  He still does.  Sharing that good news is easier this week than it will be all year.  Jump on the opportunity.  Share Christmas!

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