pray against fear and coronavirus
Mar 14 2020


You can pray against fear and against the coronavirus using the prayer Jesus gave us.


Our Father in heaven . . . You are Jesus’ Father and mine too. You love all your kids and invite us to seek you on behalf of everyone.


Hallowed be your name . . . Let this be an opportunity to display your love and care and for your people who bear your name to represent you well.


Your kingdom come . . . I bring everything and everyone in my sphere of influence under your authority and declare them offlimits to every enemy, physical and spiritual.


Your will be done . . . I know pandemics and panic are not your will. Jesus delivered people from both. Life to the full, peace, joy and love are your will. Let them be done.


On earth as it is in heaven . . . . There is no coronavirus or fear in heaven, so let it be so on earth. 


Give us today our daily bread . . . Give us the money, the toilet paper and hand sanitizer we need. Give it to all of us. Not just me and my family. Help us share what we have.


Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors . . . Forgive us for the ways we have looked out for ourselves at the expense of others. We forgive the TP horders and others who act out of fear.


Lead us not into temptation . . .  Lead us away from the temptation to fear, to cynicism, to anxiety, worry, despair, selfishness, resignation and hoarding. 


But deliver us from evil . . . We come against all these in the name of Jesus and declare them to be sin and evil. We reject them along with the coronavirus in Jesus name. Deliver us Father!


For yours is the kingdom . . . You are in charge. You rule over all. All authority is yours and we are seated at your right hand with Jesus. You will win!


and the power . . . you have the power to eradicate this COVID-19 coronavirus, to heal the sick, to protect the vulnerable, and to turn evil into blessing. Let it flow!


and the glory forever . . . Jesus was glorified after his suffering. You have promised us the same. Be glorified in our deliverance and in the way you use this coronavirus to make us like Jesus.




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