help in discipleship
May 04 2021


Everyone needs help. We all start out pretty helpless. Mom has to feed us, burp us, change us and put us to sleep. Over time, she helps us learn to do those things ourselves. Eventually, we teach our children. 


This is the way kids grow up, and it is also the way discipleship works. We are born-again into God’s family, but we need someone to help us learn. Someone needs to feed us, comfort us, help us clean up our messes and learn to rest. We learn to pray, to read the Bible and participate in church.


Sunday we will talk about this stage in the Journey of the Soul. If you missed the last two weeks, get the sermon audio. If you want to join a group do it here. But what better day is there than Mother’s Day to talk about how we all need help in discipleship? Who helps you? Who are you helping?


Our Family Ministry Pastor, Taylor Bedoya will be bringing the message as we come back inside for two services at 8:45 and 10:45 AM. Patio seating and lobby seating will be available. The 8:45 service will continue to be live-streamed on our YouTube Channel. 

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