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On Easter weekend, Pastor Todd concluded his ministry here at Mountain View after 20 years. As a church, we want to do our best to keep you informed about what the next season holds. Below, you'll find important announcements, details and updates regarding the transition and pastoral search.


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Todd & Traci Rodarmel

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Pastoral Transition


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February 13, 2022

From Todd Rodarmel to MVC Family and Friends:


You may have heard by now that my daughter Rachel and her family moved to Tennessee last year. What you may not know is that my son Zac moved his family there as well in December. Those of you who know how close our family is might not be surprised that Traci, Luke, and I intend to move there. It has been an honor for the last twenty years to establish and grow our church. Now I want to do the same for my family.


When I came to serve as “Interim Pastor” and help the church through a transition in 2002, I only intended to stay six weeks. In that time, God began healing my heart and restoring my call to ministry through the people of this church. You have become like family to me. Many of you have been with me since I was a youth pastor at Coast Hills. Some of you have followed me through the years of wandering with Mercy and then Mountain View. Even in the last years since we have settled in a permanent home, so many new friends have come into our lives. I will miss you. But my heart is with my kids and my grandkids.


The decision to move has been difficult. Though family and a new adventure are drawing me elsewhere, the people and potential of this church makes it so hard to leave. Mountain View has become the community I dreamed of when I first set out to plant a church. We are truly home for the wanderer and rest for the weary. I have experienced the Kingdom breaking in on earth as in heaven in this place. Now, with so many new people coming and over 200 homes being built in our back yard, the opportunity for growing God’s Kingdom in our location in San Juan is really exciting! I am grateful for the past and hopeful for the future.


To lead us into that future, we have a strong and wise group of overseers and a talented and dedicated staff. The overseers are working with our denominational leaders at the Pacific Southwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church to start the search process for our next Lead Pastor. Our stakeholders will have input into the process. Our Chair, Julianna Wakeling will give you more details.


For now, I will continue in my role until Easter, when we will celebrate our 25th Anniversary. God allowed me to lead the church to this point and I am praying for the leadership God has already picked out to lead the next leg of the journey.


Traci and I have had a head start in being able to process this decision over the past many months. We have experienced denial, anger, bargaining, and sadness and we finally came to acceptance that this is happening, and now we are hopeful for the future. For many of you, these stages of grief over loss and change may begin. Understanding the grief process helps me make sense of how I’ve been feeling as I’ve sensed this transition for a while now.


Please be patient with yourself and with us. Be patient with our overseers and staff as they navigate many decisions that need to be made even amid navigating their own feelings.  Change is hard and always best done together in patience and love. God is up to something great at Mountain View. What he has for his church is bigger than any of us, and it calls us to be united in prayer, giving, waiting, seeking and serving. 


I love you and I have loved being your pastor.


In Christ,




From Julianna Wakeling, Chair of the Overseers of MVC:


I want to communicate on behalf of the overseers that we are partnering in Todd and Traci’s decision to join their family in Tennessee.  Although we are deeply saddened they will no longer be with us here, we are excited for them to begin their new adventure with their kids and grandkids.  


From now through Easter, please join us as we celebrate the legacy Todd and Traci have at Mountain View and all they have done for the sake of Jesus’ name.  They have dedicated so many years to building a church that keeps Jesus the main thing and they have also created a place that is truly home for the wanderer and rest for the weary.


We now have the opportunity to continue the work God began and look forward to seeing all He has in store for the future.  We have spent much time in prayer and reflection, seeking God’s direction and heart for Mountain View.  He has been showing the staff and overseers that He is doing something new, and He has good plans for our church.  You all are part of those plans, so we encourage you to partner in what God has planned for this next season.  


The overseers are working closely with the Pacific Southwest Conference through this transition.  We will be keeping the congregation updated regularly with the details of this plan as it progresses.  If you have any questions for us during this time, please feel free to reach out to me directly at



Julianna Wakeling

Chair of the Overseers