Independence is good. Interdependence is better.

independence is good
Jul 02 2019

Independence is good. Interdependence is better.

This week we celebrate our Independence as Americans. We broke off from the tyranny of the monarchy to govern ourselves 243 years  ago. There is and will always be an independent streak in us as Americans. But independence is a means, not an end.


We all begin life dependent on our parents. 


Adolescence is about establishing independence. 


Adulthood is about learning interdependence. 


We learn to partner in a marriage; to work together in community; that we are better together; that everything and everyone is connected. That’s growing up.


Even as we celebrate our independence day, I hope we remember our interdependence with others around the world. Though we are “one nation under God”, we are not the only nation under God. Every nation is under God – (more specifically, under the authority of Jesus – see Matt. 28:20) We share a planet where what we do affects everyone. We are all in this together, like it or not.


Independence is an important stage of development.  It’s not the goal.


Happy Independence Day.

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