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Mar 06 2018


God has led us all over South Orange County for the last twenty years.
Now he has given us a place to call home for the next twenty years.
It is not just home for our church family.  It is home for the wanderer and rest for the weary.
Imagine what it will be like.


But, please don’t imagine a church. People are the church. This building is a meeting place. But it is more than that. It feels like home.


Imagine new life for an old center


It is no accident that we chose to be in the middle of a retail center. We will be the intersection of commerce and community. Imagine this center thriving because of our presence there. Weekly farmer’s markets will bring life to the plaza. Our yearly Family Fair is as much for the community as for the church. A farm themed playground, outdoor games and seating will create an atmosphere conducive to more than shopping or churchgoing.


Imagine a place people gather seven days a week for coffee and conversation; for prayer and encouragement. It’s a creative space where artists are nurtured, and entrepreneurs meet and dream. Our lobby will be a living space with sound, lighting and seating to function as a cafe and a worship venue for up to 100 people. A prep kitchen will serve simple foods and have a portable coffee cart open daily. The friendly atmosphere of the lobby and patio is perfect for informal meetings and casual drop-ins.


Imagine Sundays in our new home


Imagine a worship center that seats over 500 people, with a balcony that expand that even more. The stage works not only for our worship services, but for plays, concerts, conferences and weddings. Movable and stackable seats will allow the space to be transformed for events. It will retain the barn feel of the building with high ceilings and exposed wood beams in an elegant modern context. A video wall behind the platform and environmental projection will make it a versatile space that can change at the push of a button to help us communicate the good news in our media rich culture.


Imagine children’s classrooms designed with kids’ needs in mind, but convertible to prayer rooms and meeting spaces that maximize their usefulness all week long. Video and audio capabilities throughout the building enable us to broadcast our message to the world, hold midweek meetings and help our kids engage in learning. Children’s bathrooms between the classrooms will keep kids safe. Larger worship spaces and smaller classroom sizes give our kids the best we have to offer.


Imagine a space youth want to be every day. Our youth room is located just off the lobby. It will be the kind of place kids come to after school for tutoring programs, group meetings, and events. The interface of youth with adults off a common lobby keeps the family connected as we minister to the needs of every age.


Imagine what we can do all week long


Imagine offices and counseling rooms upstairs where staff and volunteers work and have meetings. Open work spaces for volunteers and part time staff are surrounded by private offices for full time staff.


Imagine fitness classes for moms, tutoring for teens, counseling and spiritual direction, and space for community events and classes. Think how we can partner with wedding professionals in town to offer a hip barn style venue that helps pay the rent. The possibilities are exciting!


Imagine new possibilities


Imagine how partnering with a restaurant next door is good for them and great for the community environment we are creating! Think about partnering with retail stores and a weekly farmers market in the center where our members can sell their crafts and creations. How could we help the salon, nail place, cleaners, framing place, jewelry store, yoga studio and other businesses in the center to thrive?


Imagine the ability to add services in the evening as well as the morning. What if the we became known for always being open for people seeking God? Can we offer a bilingual service? What if we had one in Spanish? We could offer some kind of service every night of the week!


Imagine your contribution making it a reality


We are ready to build out the Ranch. We just need money. With the improvements, furniture and equipment our budget is right around two million dollars. The good news is that our staff, overseers and a few generous donors have already stepped up to give their contribution.  So we have already raised over $500,000! That means we are over a quarter of the way there. Would you pray about your part and make a generous donation or pledge? Imagine what it will feel like to look back and say “WE DID THIS!”


On Sunday, March 11th we will share our vision as we imagine our future and the possibilities our new home will open up. I hope you will join us!I

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