sustain hope
Jan 08 2019


How do you sustain lasting change beyond fad diets and New Years resolutions?

How do you sustain faith after certainty?

How do you sustain your relationships when people hurt or disappoint you?

How do you sustain hope for the future when the world seems to be falling apart?


There was a time when I had lost hope in changing my life.


I was stuck in the same ruts I had always fallen into, my faith in God was unraveling, I was disillusioned with people, and I felt pretty hopeless about the future of our world.


Then I changed my mind.


Through what I can only describe as a wake up call from God, I began to change my thinking about myself, about God, about others and about the world. When my thinking changed, my life changed. It’s that simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.


I want to show you how to change your life by changing your thinking.


You will have to tear down false beliefs and reinforce new ones. When you do, it will transform your life and your relationships with God, others and the world. You will need to create new habits and supportive relationships to sustain it. That’s why we created Sustainable Spirituality.


If you have lost hope in yourself, in God, in people or in the future, get the Sustainable Spirituality Guidebook and come to Mountain View Church on this Sunday, January 13th and for the eight weeks following. Only God can change your heart. Only you can change your life. To do it, you are going to need to change your mind about yourself, about God, about people and about the world. I want to help. Join me.

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