get your hopes up
Oct 22 2021


“Hope deferred, makes a heart sick. But a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12


When something you hope for keeps getting pushed into the future, heart sickness can set in. Depression. Despair. Cynicism.


The opposite happens when your longing is fulfilled. Joy. Life. Gratitude.


If your hopes keep getting deferred or seem hopeless, there are a few ways to get your hopes up. They help me. Maybe they will help you.


1. Set your hopes on a short term goal that is in your control.  


This will help you get a few wins under your belt. It almost functions like a to do list. But if you hope you get to talk to a friend and you call them, that’s a win. If you hope to get a workout in and you do it. Another. These small wins can inject a small amount of life to get you going in the right direction.


2. Focus on gratitude for each fulfilled longing. 


I can focus on gratitude for each longing fulfilled, like sleep, a meal, a glass of water, a comfortable chair. When I notice all the little ways God meets my needs every day, I am happier. Being grateful for little longings fulfilled helps me trust God for the bigger ones.


3. Raise your hope to the long term sure thing. 


The one hope we have in the future that you can bank on is the promise of resurrection and restoration at Jesus’ return. That is the blessed hope the Scriptures speak of. In between things will be difficult. Good Friday and Silent Saturday come before Easter Sunday. But the day is coming. Promises have been made. And the One who promised is faithful. 


It’s ok to get your hopes up. In fact, it’s essential.

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