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Aug 30 2017


When we hear about disasters like the flooding in Houston from Hurricane Harvey, many of us would like to do something.  But then reality sets in.  We don’t know what to do or who to trust.  Of course, scammers use these opportunities to line their own pockets.  So we go back to normal life and miss our opportunity.  Or we send up a quick prayer and give a token amount hoping in makes a difference.


This time, I’d like to offer a better response for our Mountain View Church family. Start with asking God how he would like you to respond.  Then do what he tells you.  Below are some simple suggestions.


How to help Houston


  1. Pray.  Everyone can pray.  But how can you pray strategically? Ask God.  If you can’t find your own words you can use mine below.
  2. Give. We set up a “Houston” tab for giving and we will use 100% of what you give to that account to work directly with local churches we trust to help relief efforts. Give here.
  3. Go.  We are putting together teams of people who want to go help.  We will be partnering with a church in Houston who will host our teams.  Sign up to go help.


My prayer


Father, we know you love the people of Houston.  We believe you are always working for our good.  So we ask that you would work this tragedy together for the good of each person affected.  Send your Holy Spirit to comfort and encourage the victims and to inspire and empower people to work together.  Use the common struggle to unite races and classes around our common humanity.  Raise up your church to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this time and to shine your light and love into the world.  Show me how you want me to participate and give me courage to follow where you lead.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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