the wall
May 26 2021


“On your journey of the soul with Christ, The Wall is the place where exhaustion, pain, grief, unanswered questions, doubt, discouragement, aloneness, or spiritual dryness seem to block your progress.” – Bill and Kristi Gaultiere


If you haven’t hit “the wall” yet, you will. Walk with God for any length of time, and eventually you will run into a disconnect between your belief and your experience.


It might be your belief about God, yourself, others or about the way the world is “supposed” to work. You may become disillusioned with God, yourself, other people, the church, or life itself.


Some people hit the wall because of a faith crisis. Others have a moral failure. For some it’s a personal or health problem. Burnout stops some people dead in their tracks. Whatever the cause, hitting the wall is painful, disorienting and disheartening.


When people hit the wall, sometimes they give up on faith altogether. Others go back to the security of an earlier stage, doubling down on simple answers they may no longer believe but boldly defend as if trying to convince themselves.


Please don’t go back and don’t quit. The only way out is through. You need to face the wall honestly and get perspective and empathy from God and others. While no one can fix it for you, it helps to talk with someone you trust.


Would you tell me about your wall? (todd@mvc.life)


If you have hit a wall in the past, would you share your story with me? How did you get through it?


If you are at the wall now, what are your doubts or unanswered questions? Why are you discouraged or exhausted? How are pain or grief crippling you? When do you feel most tempted to quit?


Please don’t. The only way out is through. I’d like to help you through your wall.


Sunday I will share some of my journey with you. If you choose to share with me, I can speak directly to your needs. Anything you share is confidential. Nothing keeps people from sharing honestly like the fear they may end up as a sermon illustration!

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