broken world
Aug 01 2018


The world is broken and we broke it.
Our attempts to fix what we broke often make it worse.
We know better. We know we should be better.
But we are broken too, so we need outside help.


The Good News


We were made to be like God, so we will never be satisfied with less.
You were made to be connected to God, filled with God and like God.


The Bible tells the story of how God became like us so that we could become like him and live forever united to him. It’s the romancing of humanity by God.


God became a human in the person of Jesus. He showed us what God is like and what humans were made to be like. He shared our broken condition in every way; even all the way to an unjust, early death at the hands of broken people in a broken system.


As the king of the humans, he represented us in our death. He died for us, with us, as us.
Once and for all, breaking the curse of our sin and brokenness, he took it into the grave. Then he rose again as the firstborn of a new human race, bearing the scars of his past but transformed into Humanity 2.0.


Ascending to the throne of the universe, he sent his own Spirit to live in those who trust him.
His Spirit transforms us from the inside out into the kind of person he was before he died. And though we still will die, like him we will be raised into the Humanity 2.0 he is now since his resurrection.


. . . an unbreakable kind of person fit for a new heaven and earth.
. . . a new humanity who is flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone.
. . . a beautiful bride, perfectly suitable for the king.


Will you say yes to his proposal?


Yes, I will join you in dying to myself and rising to new life in you now.
Yes, I receive your Spirit and your love to live your life through me now.
Yes, I believe when I die I will be raised like you to be with you as your partner forever.
Thank you Jesus!

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