flea market saturday at MVC
Jul 13 2018


Our church has rallied. Pledges are streaming in daily. Donations for the Flea Market / Rummage Sale have been overwhelming. There is a lot of good stuff there to be had! The general contractor met with all the subs on site today and he even bought the table he used for the meeting!


Amazing response


We had an amazing response to the request for extended pledges through 2020.  In the last seven days we have raised almost $700,000 in pledges! That’s amazing! We pushed up over the two million mark and we are within reach of having the commitments we need to get the short term loan so we can build now. We are so close, in fact, that we are starting demo Monday!


Productive meetings


We met Tuesday with representatives from National Covenant Properties.  They are excited about our vision and want to stand behind it with a bridge loan.  We have a few details to work out and a bit more money to raise, but they are on our side! They were blown away by your responsiveness and generosity as a congregation.  Thank you for being you!


Today (Thursday), we met with the architects, contractors, AV engineers and project manager to talk through some updates to our plans. They are ready to move forward. We start demolition on Monday!


Huge flea market!


Saturday is going to be huge.  There is a LOT of good stuff and some junk too. But one mans trash is another mans treasure! So get down there and shop.  Get the word out.  It’s open from 8 AM – 3 PM Saturday and everything must go. Extreme deals late in the day are certain! Anything not picked up by noon Sunday will be given to Mercy Warehouse. We need that stuff out so we can demo on Monday!


Thanks for giving, pledging and praying! It is making a difference.

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