ears to hear
Oct 09 2019


“If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear.” It’s one of Jesus’ most repeated phrases. All by itself, this phrase is worth meditating on for a while. There is a God who speaks. We just need to get better at hearing. These are three ways I am working on my listening skills. You can tune your ears to better hear God’s voiced too.


Listen imaginatively.


Jesus often said this phrase about having “ears to hear” when he was telling parables. These audible paintings require the ability to hear below the surface. Thinking mythically in symbols doesn’t come easy to everyone.  But evidently God likes to speak in symbol, metaphor, pictures and poetry.


Listen intently.


My problem is not with thinking about what I’ve heard. It’s listening in prayer. I am easily distracted. Starting out praying, my mind often wanders into thinking, pondering or daydreaming. Tuning in to listen takes my full attention. Active listening is hard enough when the person speaking is visible. It takes practice and intention with an invisible speaker.


Listen obediently.


Sometimes people don’t have ears to hear God because they don’t want to do what he says.  Have you ever had that experience? God is convicting you to do something or stop doing something and you act like you don’t hear him. If you didn’t listen to what God already told you, why would he tell you something else? Act on what you hear and you will hear more.


The bottom line is this: God is always speaking, but I often am not listening. I may be missing the point through how I think. It could be that I am too distracted. Maybe my willingness to obey is the problem. What is it for you? I pray that you will tune your ears to hear the God who speaks.

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