What's better than cash?
Jul 06 2018


Getting the gospel out is better.


Wanderers are coming home. The weary are finding rest. Young adults and retirees are finding significant work to be part of. Kids are bringing parents to church. Artists are writing songs and our congregation is engaging in worship. The good news is reaching all over the world through your sharing of our podcast and videos. The gospel is getting out and that is better than cash.


Being the church is better.


Several of you are going out on mission trips around the world this summer to run camps, build playgrounds, train leaders, and feed refugees. Others of you are working right here at home tutoring at risk kids in a neighborhood garage. Some of you are working to help end sex trafficking. Others are mentoring teen moms. Some of you are writing songs, poetry, blogs and books. Several are counseling and praying for others to help set them free from all kinds of bondage. You are gathering in homes and parks to eat together and support each other. You have sent kids to camp where they encountered Jesus, made friends, and created memories that will last a lifetime. Being a church that empowers people is better than cash.


Building our church family a home is better.


Meanwhile, our stakeholders have raised a million and a half dollars toward our future home! Oh, we are (more than) half way there . . . This is an amazing accomplishment for our church family. God brought the right people at the right time to carry our church family into this exciting season. Generous volunteers for architecture, legal representation, project management and painting have saved us over 150K by offering their services. Gifts and pledges are moving us forward. Now, we have our permits and are ready to start building out the ranch center in the next few weeks! Having a home for our church to minister from is better than cash.


Pledges now are as good as cash! 


We are still just over a million dollars short of the money we need for to reach our goal of 2.6 million. Every week more is coming in in cash and pledges. We are working on some fundraisers to expand our sources beyond the church. But finishing the remaining million is going to be up to us. We have extended the pledge timeframe of our campaign to the end of 2020. Our sources tell us this is a more realistic time frame to raise the cash we need. Would you consider what an “over and above the tithe” pledge would look like for you between now and the end of 2020?




Our friends at National Covenant Properties are willing to help us bridge the gap in our funding as long as we have pledges to cover the full amount. But we need to secure the pledges by this Tuesday, July 10th. So even if you already made a cash donation or a shorter term pledge, would you consider an additional or revised pledge with the new timeframe in mind? We can do this together, but it is going to take 100% participation. If you are one of the few who haven’t made a pledge or gift yet, please pledge now whatever you can give between now and December 2020 so you can share the joy of this accomplishment together with us.


Together we can do this. Take my hand, we’ll make it, I swear. 

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