Gods Provision
Apr 03 2018


Would you join me in praying for God’s provision for our new home?  We need more people to pray and partner with us to bring what we have imagined to fruition.  We are on our way!  To date, we have raised almost $1 million of the $2.6 million dollars in cash and pledges!   Now we are hoping that once everyone makes their best pledge or donation, we will have all we need.  If you haven’t made your contribution or pledge yet, you can do it here.






One of our overseers, Marty Mance, crafted this prayer that I am praying with him trusting God for his provision.  Would you join us in praying this prayer daily?  I have it copied in the notes on my phone.  Truly, this work is a partnership between God, his people, and our church leaders.  All of us need to do our part to make it work.  Thanks for your prayers and partnership in this God adventure!




“Heavenly Father, you have consistently provided for us. You have brought healing and restoration to countless numbers in our church family. You have mentored, nurtured, and developed the members of our body. Lord, you know the desires of our hearts, you know each of us intimately, and you know that we desire to do your will, here on earth, as it is in Heaven. You have anointed us with your grace, peace, and provision. We are thankful to you, Lord!


Over the years, you have faithfully provided several homes for us in South Orange County — homes like Tesoro, Old Rover, Mariners chapel, the tent at SVCS, and now the Vermuelen Ranch in San Juan Capistrano. All of those have had their positive attributes as well as their challenges.


Now Lord, we have a home that can be built-out to meet ALL of our needs. A home that will provide a platform that we have never seen before! It is truly a home that we have only dreamed about. It’s a home that we are excited for, but we need your provision Lord.


With that said, we boldly come to you and request that you provide the $2.6 million dollars we need to pay for the development and build-out of the Vermuelen Ranch property. We are not looking for the money to just appear. In fact, you have called each person at Mountain View Church to partner with you in this adventure. Not only to be in fellowship and serve, but also to give. We ask that you place on each of our hearts the exact amount you want us to contribute. Make it a stretch Lord. Make it a little uncomfortable. Because we know that you are faithful, and you are our provider. We know that when we step out in faith, you are there.




In Jesus name we call forth your wisdom, peace, grace, and abundance. A double portion of abundance! In Jesus name, we come against any spirits of fear, worry, division, apathy, and scarcity. In Jesus name, we remove all authority that those principalities have in our kingdom or domain. If there are any lies that we are believing, replace them with your truth Lord.


Jesus show us how to give the way you designed us to give. Give each of us visions, images, pictures, or words of how our financial contributions for the building will impact your kingdom. Help each of us reach past what we think is possible. Help us give unlike any way we have ever done before. We know that you don’t need our money Lord, but you do desire our hearts. So we cast our cares over to you. We surrender everything that stands in the way of taking that step in faith. And we give you our hearts.


Jesus, it is in your mighty name that we pray.  Amen”


Learn more at imagine.mvc.life

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