Evaluating soil questions
Apr 18 2018


Before I move on to talk about intimacy with God this Sunday, I want to follow up last Sunday’s message on the 4 soils with some important questions. Here is a link in case you missed that crucial message or need to hear it or watch it again.


If you are willing to ask God four sets of questions, you can make your heart more receptive to Jesus so he can be free to bear fruit in and through you.  You will need to invite him to plow up the hard places, pull out the weeds and dig out the rocks with you.  He won’t do it without your invitation or permission.  If you do, you will begin to live in the kind of authentic, sustainable spirituality that leads to intimacy with God, love for each person and the restoration of all things. Are you ready?


Set aside at least half an hour in quiet with a journal and ask God these questions.  Invite God’s presence and forbid interference by any other voice. Write down the first thoughts that come to mind after you ask God the questions.  In my experience, that’s usually how God speaks from my heart.


Questions for the hardened heart to ask God


In what ways have I hardened my heart to protect myself from being walked on? When did it start? Is there anyone I need to forgive? Will you please come and plow up the soil of my heart and make it soft and receptive to you?


Questions for the polluted heart to ask God


What are the rocks that are keeping me dry and preventing your word from setting down roots? What sins, attitudes, habits or lies have I been practicing, exhibiting, living in or believing? (Whatever God brings to mind, confess them and throw them out). If it was a lie, ask God what the truth is and confess it in place of the lie.


Questions for the crowded heart to ask God


What good have been taking up the space in my life where you want to be Jesus? How have I found counterfeit Gods or idols in things I care about, in money or in pleasure? Are you willing to pull out those weeds? Ask God to do it?


Questions for the good heart (and good soil you have underneath)


Father, in what ways do I remind you of Jesus? What do you want to tell me about how you feel about me? Thank God for how he made you and how he is remaking you into the image of Jesus.


Now come Sunday.  You are already on your way toward intimacy with God!

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